China Girl

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Cover of the Portuguese edition

NOTE – Not real cover. Book under reedition. Expected by 2022.

Doubt. Trust. Betrayal.

A woman of an unusual and exotic beauty offers to work as a double agent for British Intelligence. But are her motives pure, especially when she demands to work with the same man that she once betrayed?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

While on holiday in the Middle East, an American researcher is kidnapped from the hotel where he is staying. New clues about an old genetic engineering project are uncovered and Dark Star, an international terrorist organisation, is determined to use the scientist’s knowledge for its own ends.

However, upon returning to Europe, one of Dark Star’s operatives decides to betray the crime syndicate and offers to work as a double agent for British Intelligence. The mystery deepens when this woman, who goes by the codename China Girl, agrees to the alliance on the sole condition that she can work with André Marques-Smith, Head of the Information and Press Office of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and occasional spy.

Forced to work together to prevent an attack on a major European leader, the tense relationship between the two agents soon unravels into mutual suspicion and mistrust. What secrets are harboured by this woman, an agent whose very name is unknown? Are her motives pure? And will the Portuguese spy be able to resist her unusual and exotic beauty?

The winner of the Literary Note! Prize in 2012, Nuno Nepomuceno, is back with China Girl, the second book in the Freelancer series. Moving between settings such as Budapest, Berlin, London, Courchevel, Dubai and Lisbon, the author immerses us in a world of lies, complex relationships and unpredictable twists. The tale is a profound reflection on traditional Portuguese values, complemented by the writer’s hallmark intimate and sophisticated narrative style, which makes this so much more than a conventional spy thriller.