China Girl

Nuno Nepomuceno is represented by Agência das Letras.

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Cover of the Portuguese edition

An upcoming attack.
A secret buried in the past.
A man and a woman that hate each other, forced to work together.

Enjoying a short leave caused by health issues, the head of office for the foreign affairs ministry, an occasional spy, is called back. A scientist has been kidnapped and there is evidence that an attack is the horizon, threatening Europe’s geopolitical stability.

Nevertheless, when an enigmatic woman, whose name and past are kept secret, offers herself to work with the Portuguese spy, the plot thickens. She is known for several murders and crimes, but will he be able to resist to her unusual and exotic beauty?

Taking us through beautiful locations such as Courchevel, Budapest, Dubai and Lisbon, China Girl is a phycological thriller that you won’t be able to put down, leading you through a complex web of lies, betrayals and unexpected twists, as only Nuno Nepomuceno can put together.