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Holy Sins

Cover of the Portuguese edition

Capa Oficial Pecados Santos

Nuno Nepomuceno is represented by Agência das Letras.

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Holy Sins

On the Jewish communities of London and Lisbon, a series of murders depicting biblical episodes start to occur. Are they hate crimes or just an exquisite plot for revenge?

You Shall Not Murder

Exodus 20, 13 — Deuteronomy 5, 17

A rabbi is found dead in one of London’s most famous synagogues. The body, set like a renaissance painting, represents the Sacrifice of Abraham, the patriarch of the Jewish people.

The case seems closed when a young college teacher is charged with murder. Strong evidences have been collected against him and nothing will save him from life in prison.
But other crimes start to happen. New biblical tales are depicted with strange and macabre details. And doubt rises.

Is there any connection between the murders?
Will the young professor be wrongly condemned?
Why does the family continue to ask a former teacher for help, especially when he is still fighting against his own sins?

The police hire a young criminal profiler to help them uncover the truth. But will this young brilliant woman be able to overcome the fact that she was also a victim in the past?

Exploring relevant themes in nowadays society like the Arab-Israeli conflict and anti-Semitism, inspired by the Ten Commandments and other famous episodes of the Old Testament, Holy Sins guides us through the historical streets of cities like London, Lisbon and Jerusalem on an intimate and chocking tale about the darkest and evil feelings that lie within the human being.