The Cardinal

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Cover of the Portuguese edition

FAMOUS Writer Accused of gruesome murder
Body Found scattered by the river CAM
Cardinal savagely executed

Who killed Laura Emanuel?

The quiet town of Cambridge shivers as the crime’s monstruous details come to surface. But everything worsens when a child goes missing on her way to school. The boy is found dead in the woods, naked and asphyxiated. Adam Immanuel, a famous British writer, is spotted fleeing the crime scene and everyone, except a journalist and a college teacher, believe him to be guilty.

At the same time, the Vatican City is in great turmoil. The new-elected Pope was murdered, a new conclave approaches and a whistle blower continues to publish compromising information about the Holy See. Additionally, a new cardinal arrives but will he be staying for a long time? Why does he hide his connections towards a professional killer? Will he be able to resist a beautiful and seductive woman that suddenly crosses his path?

Following the success of The Pope’s Death, Nuno Nepomuceno is finally back and presents us with The Cardinal. Set in between Cambridge and Vatican City, inspired by real murders, this thriller leads us through a disturbing descent to the origins of evil. A true page turner, that will take your breath away.