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The Pope’s Death

Cover of the Portuguese edition

Nuno Nepomuceno is represented by Agência das Letras.

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The Pope's Death

Elected During a Surprising Conclave. Found Dead 33 Days Later.

The new-elected Pope is found dead under suspicious circumstances. For the Holy See, it was a stroke. For everyone else, the Vatican lied. Death by natural causes or murder?

Inspired by The Life and Death of John Paul I

A nun and two cardinals find the Pope’s dead body seated on his bed with his sleeves torn apart, his glasses on his face and a book on his hands. The world is shocked, especially when Pedro, a whistle blower gone missing, returns to stardom and reveals facts that contradict the official version. However, everything changes when a writer is spotted on the crime scene.

Doubts arise at the same time as a journalist starts to investigate the disappearance of a teenager and a note is left at Radio Vaticana’s office. Helped by a college professor and his dauntless wife the three pursuit the shocking truth. The body is at the place where the angel is pointing to.

Breath-taking, passionate and full or unexpected twists, inspired by true events, The Pope’s Death leads us into one of the biggest mysteries that surround the Catholic Church, the death of Pope John Paul I. Set across Vatican City, this is a fascinating religious thriller that you cannot leave behind and that will keep you hooked until the end, as human ambition defies the power of God.

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  • Hungary – Under agreement with Lettero.