The Portuguese Spy

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Cover of the new collector’s Portuguese edition

What if your life and everything that you believed turned out to be nothing but a lie? What would you do?

A young diplomat is ordered to recover the first batch of a set of documents that belong to an unknown research project. The biggest surprise comes when he is forced to deal with the pitfalls and ramifications of someone who leads a double life.

Stockholm, Sweden.

Closing ceremony of the Swedish Presidency of the European Union.

When André Marques-Smith, the young director of the Information and Press Office of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is sent to the Swedish capital, he never imagines that the trip will change the course of his whole life.

At the behest of Cadmo, the semi-governmental spy agency for which he also secretly works, he recovers the first batch of a set of documents that once belonged to a Russian scientist, now dead. When he returns to Portugal everything changes. A new group has obtained the second tranche of the research files by violent and terrifying means, and has resolved to reveal the scientist’s project to the world.

As the fight for the ground-breaking research begins, Freelancer travels to cities such as Stockholm, Rome, Vienna, London and Lisbon. He is forced to assume many different disguises, and missions start to come thick and fast. While grappling with the constraints of a double life, he unexpectedly finds himself enmeshed in a world of lies and betrayal, ultimately leading him to make a discovery that will change all of humanity.

The Portuguese Spy, which won the Literary Note! Prize in 2012, blends traditional elements of spy fiction with a refreshingly intimate and refined approach. An intense and fast-paced thriller as well as an ode to family, friendship and love, this is an unpredictable and modern novel that is bound to move the reader.