The Sleeper Cell

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Cover of the Portuguese edition

A terrifying silence is rising in society.

A bus is taken hostage by a suicide bomber. A journalist starts to investigate the attack while fear and terror grows in society. But she suddenly stumbles upon a college professor with a hidden past. Is this man a hero or a villain? Will they be able to survive the upcoming terrorist attack?


Recently elected the new Portuguese Prime Minister is found dead. At the same time, in Istanbul, Turkey, a journalist is faced with a transcendent life experience. And at Lisbon, panic rises when a bus is taken hostage in the town centre. An extremist terrorist group claims the attack and shows all their strength in a petrifying way.

The country awakens to terror and fear grows in society. An important global event will take place in a few weeks and there are clear evidences that a sleeper cell is waiting to be triggered. Every information matters to the Portuguese Intelligence Services. Especially when Afonso Catalão, a renowned specialist in Political Science and Oriental Studies is compromised.

With a dark past, the professor suddenly finds himself trapped in a strange sequence of events. And that’s exactly when a humble Muslim family of refugees comes into play.

Time matters and Afonso is given only one chance to clear his name: face his past and relive an old passion that left him very close to self-destruction.

With an intimate, sophisticated and elegant style, his traditional hallmark, Nuno Nepomuceno presents The Sleeper Cell. A contemporary novel, where fiction and reality blend together in the strange and terrifying new world that we all live on. A dark, shocking and disturbing psychological thriller that promises to keep you hooked until the end.