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The Sleeper Cell

Cover of the Portuguese edition

Nuno Nepomuceno is represented by Agência das Letras.

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The Sleeper Cell

A Terrifying Silence is Rising in Society

A College Professor is implicated in a terrorist attack. Authorities intervene and start to investigate him. But while the first answers begin to surface, one single doubt remains: why does he keep on lying?


Lisbon awakes into a terrifying day. A suicide attacker barricades himself inside a bus and the newly elected prime-minister is found dead. Meanwhile, a beautiful and tenacious journalist is faced with a challenge from a loved one — it’s her duty to uncover the truth.

The Portuguese Secret Services reunite evidences that lead them to conclude that a sleeper cell is ready to return to action. And as an international event approaches, they ask for help to Afonso Catalão, a well-known specialist in the Politics and Culture of the Middle East. But that’s exactly when they are faced with a dark and mysterious web of half-truths and lies.

Happening during the 30 days of the Ramadan, touching hot topics like xenophobia and racism, The Sleeper Cell takes us through an exotic path alongside places like the city of Istanbul or the private chambers of Lisbon’s Central Mosque. Innovating when compared to other books of its genre, this is not only an exquisite page turner, but mainly a unique thriller and a fearless approach to a man’s private life and his most hidden secrets.