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The Solemn Hour

Cover of the Portuguese edition

Nuno Nepomuceno is represented by Agência das Letras.

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The Solemn Hour

A man in distress.

A woman on the run.

A new project, persecuted by a fearless ambition.

In the middle of a storm a man is left to die on the streets of Notting Hill. The woman he loved betrayed him, stabbing him, abandoning him in the rain, fighting for his life.

Nonetheless, when this spy, whose exotic beauty seduces everyman that crosses her path, reappears and the Intelligence Services notice a detail, the events change suddenly. What will be her endgame? What might have happened to her former lover? Was he able to survive? The plot thickens when a millionaire is kidnapped, and the strange affairs of a pharmaceutical enterprise are put under the spotlight.

Taking us thought the dazzling sets of places like Moscow, Prague, London, Lisbon and the Caribbean, The Solemn Hour is the last chapter of the three novel series that launched Nuno Nepomuceno into stardom. A great narrative’s tragic ending, where nothing is what it seems, and that you won’t be able to put down.